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The Politics of Everything

Jul 11, 2017

The Politics of Healthy Living is a big topic for a small podcast but one I believe is invaluable to discuss. Jessica Tichonczuk rose to reality TV fame in 2016 as a contestant on Australian TV show ‘My Kitchen Rules.’

Since then, she has been busy behind the scenes working away on a new venture called Lifestyle by Jessica, which combines health, fitness and course food in an online platform. She has a new eBook in the works. We find out what she believes is our best way forward in the quest to be cleaner, leaner and greener.


In this podcast, Jessica will give her views on:

  1. What healthy living really means to modern society and why her new online venture Lifestyle by Jessica was born?
  2. As a former reality TV, cooking personality on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ in 2016, what did that experience teach you about attitudes to food and how and what we eat?
  3. With so much conflicting advice about wellness and excise, where can people get their knowledge from?
  4. With your new business and selling program what are you offering and why?
  5. Hot tips: Best ways to be more pro-active in the Politics of Healthy Living.


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