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The Politics of Everything

Aug 3, 2021

I do not know about you, but I find it hard to be consistently productive. It seems like it’s a secret weapon for some and a natural gift for others.

Dermot Crowley is the Director and founder of Adapt Productivity, a Sydney-based training company founded almost two decades ago.

He is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders on productivity.  He is the author of Smart Work and the founder of Adapt Productivity. Building on many years of experience in the productivity training industry, he created Adapt in 2002 with a vision of helping management and staff in Australia’s leading organizations.

Dermot has a highly inspiring yet practical approach to productivity in the modern workplace. His passion is creating real behavioral change. He has developed a system for working productively that is applicable to anyone working in today’s busy, email-driven workplace.

While remaining heavily involved in the training activities of the business, much of Dermot’s time is spent working with senior leaders and leadership teams on their productivity, and their ability to lead productivity in their teams.

His pragmatic approach and wealth of experience ensure that he brings relevant strategies to the table for the leadership level. His focus on productivity technology ensures that executives are getting the most from the tools at their fingertips.

In this podcast, Dermot explains:

  1. A realistic definition of productivity in a business and beyond.
  2. How does say behavioral change get measured and why it matters for enhancing productivity?
  3. How can a leader ensure they teach and reward productivity to those in their team?
  4. How we manage our own selves better in a tech-led workplace to be truly working smarter, not longer, and harder?
  5. For other workplaces such as public hospitals or small businesses like cafes, what does their improved productivity look like especially if they are sometimes understaffed or running smaller scale operations?
  6. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Productivity?


To find out more about Dermot Crowley:

LinkedIn: (2) Dermot Crowley | LinkedIn