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The Politics of Everything

Sep 14, 2021

Freelance writing is a pipe dream for many burnt-out staff reporters, hobby writers, and anyone who wants to achieve work-life balance on their own terms. Alexandra Cain or Ali as most of her clients and peers call her has spent 20 years building and sustaining a successful freelance business writing career.


Ali wanted to be a business journalist ever since her dad used to bring home the Australian Financial Review when she was little. She couldn’t understand a word of it but would still try to decipher what was written. So it’s her privilege now to write for the AFR, as well as a huge number of other publications in Australia and overseas including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and Forge. She also edits ASX’s magazine, Listed@ASX.

An always in-demand freelancer, Ali also writes for many of Australia's and the world’s biggest (and some of its smallest) businesses, regularly producing newsletter articles, blog posts, white papers, speeches, and, more recently, podcasts for her clients. 

Plus she has worked with me for a decade now leading hard-hitting media interview role-plays for my clients in communications training workshops. For Ali, it’s all about getting to the crux of why business and money matter and helping people to understand this world.

Hear from Ali on:

  1. What made you want to give up a steady income for freelancing?
  2. What early mistakes did you make as a freelancer?
  3. How do you approach freelance writing business development so you can plan your income and balance your energy levels, so you are not working seven days a week for months on end?
  4. How do you promote yourself given some clients would want to keep your writing services to themselves vs competitors using you?
  5. Do you think freelancers should be better supported by the government?
  6. Take away: What is your final thought or message for us on The Politics of Freelancing?


Contact Ali Cain via:

W: Alexandra Cain

LinkedIn: (7) Alexandra Cain | LinkedIn