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The Politics of Everything

Nov 23, 2021

Mentoring has been a critical part of many successful people’s career story. Sometimes it’s done formally and for an exchange of money, but often it is about a more seasoned leader meeting regularly with a less seasoned human and imparting ideas, knowledge, and even empowerment.

I am chatting today to James Sewell, the founder of MentorConnex, a service that connects entrepreneurs and business owners searching for success, with battle-hardened mentors who know how to get it.

James spent the early part of his career in the insurance market, as a Lloyd’s of London broker, until he convinced his then girlfriend, Jenny, to join him on a 9-month trip to Australia as a maternity leave replacement. Fast forward 13 years, two weddings and two kids later, and James and Jenny now call Australia home. After breakfast with his brother-in-law one morning, James decided it was time to trade in a great salary, comfy office, and long-lunches on expenses, for a life of hauling junk in bright pink trucks.  And a few months later he (and his brother-in-law) launched PINK JUNK. Whilst the business was not the success James dreamed of, it was a brilliant introduction into the world of business ownership and an incredible experience.

Although the challenges James faced when building PINK JUNK led to it being conceptualized, it wasn’t until a flight back from a visit to the UK when James’ sister laid down the gauntlet with the words “if you don’t do it, I will”, that James finally committed to stepping way outside his comfort zone, and starting MentorConnex. Beyond family and surfing poorly, James thrives on helping other business owners have more success, by making it easier than ever to access 1-2-1 advice and guidance, from authentic experts, who’ve trodden the path before them.

Hear from James on:

  1. What does a mentor do for someone and how do you know if you’ve met the right mentor to help you in your career or business?
  2. How is different from a business coach experience?
  3. How did MentorConnex start and what makes its service different from others that existed prior?
  4. How do you know when it’s time to break up or move on from your mentor?
  5. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Mentoring?

To find out more about James Sewell:

LinkedIn: (12) James Sewell | LinkedIn