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The Politics of Everything

Feb 15, 2022

Who else feels the weight of the life administration burden? For me, two businesses, two kids under 13, one busy husband, and my own needs and goals in fitness, academics, so-called work/life balance, and beyond often seem to be a bit much to triumph over consistently and also get some decent sleep.


Enter Dinah Rowe-Roberts. She is a streamlined, systemizing and time and money savior! After her second child was born, she found herself overwhelmed with paperwork, complicated logistics, and to-dos. She knew she needed a new approach and so together with an old friend Mia Northrop they decided to conquer the problem and the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast was born. Their mission is to minimize, automate, share and delegate life admin.


This experience has now resulted in a book - Life Admin Hacks, a step by step guide to: saving time and money, reducing the mental load, and streamlining your life  which was published by in January 2022. She has an accounting and finance background and was previously a Director at PwC and the Chief Operating Officer for a national mental health provider. So. let’s get her nuggets of gold as we discuss The Politics of Life Admin.


In this episode, you can hear:

  1. What is the #1 life admin task Dinah avoids and why?
  2. The mental load is talked of a lot, and especially for modern mothers. How does that ongoing flurry of “things to do, places to be” impact our effectiveness to get anything done and how can we change that load?
  3. Online tools are great but there are lots out there - how do you find the best ones that suit your needs and goals?
  4. How can people become better at saving money or spending less?
  5. Decluttering is easy for some, but it is mostly boring and hard for some of us. Do you advocate for professionals to come in?
  6. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Life Admin?


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