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The Politics of Everything

Feb 22, 2022

Most of us know that Vitamin D is important to our health. Many of us stuck inside offices are actually deficient in Vitamin D, which in a nation where skin cancer is still a major issue, seems ironic.

Meet Mathew Collett. He is CEO, director, and co-founder of Solar-D, a Sydney-based company reframing how we experience SPF in the form of revolutionary sunscreens. Growing up on Sydney’s iconic coastline Mathew enveloped himself in a beachside lifestyle and the Emerald City’s outdoor culture from a very early age - starting as a young nipper (junior surf lifesaver) on the famous sands of Bondi Beach and later on taking up an array of sports including cricket, rugby and his passion for surfing.

Growing up in Bondi, where Solar D Derma Tech’s life began, Mat has instilled his active lifestyle and passion for outdoor activities to his three teenage kids who spend any spare moment following in their father’s footsteps by taking on water sports, surfing, team sports and becoming volunteer Surf Life Savers at the Bondi Surf Bathers Life Savers Club.

Solar D Derma Tech is hailed as the biggest development in SPF technology in over 50 years, the technology is formulated to allow through more of the UVB light that our bodies use to naturally produce Vitamin D, whilst still offering broad SPF protection. After securing patents in territories all around the world, Mat began to build the Solar D brand, spending the last several years re-educating and shifting the public mindset toward using the new sunscreen which benefits from the Activated Vitamin D SPF Technology, while continuing the overall importance of a ‘slip slop slap’ mentality.

Mathew has over 30 years of experience across startups, Banking, Corporate Advisory, FMCG, and Business Development. Mathew spent over 20 years in corporate banking and financial markets where he developed a key understanding of financial instruments, business management, and client relationships. Mathew was a former Director at JBWere (now Goldman Sachs Australia) and Managing Director of ICAP Australia where he specialized in fixed income, private equity, venture capital investments, and corporate advisory for early-stage business across multiple sectors.

He was also co-founder of Australia’s oldest and largest Lime Farm, Lime Grove, which created a large range of Lime-based FMCG products which sold over 75% through Australia’s largest grocery chain, Woolworth’s. Prior to Solar D, he helped fund, build and commercialize Cocoon Data (now Covata), a data security company now listed on the ASX (CVT).

Mathew discusses in the podcast:

  1. Why solar in terms of your business focus? What do you like about this business most?
  2. How do we safely use sunscreen and still keep producing a natural level of Vitamin D? Explain why this is so important.
  3. What is a “vitamin D promoting SPF technology” about and what should we all understand it to mean in terms of products?
  4. Why do we need more of the “good Vitamin D” and has your business found differences globally given different climates and environmental conditions for people?
  5. Who have been your greatest mentors (1 or 2) and what has made them have such an impact in your life
  6. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Solar?

For more about Mathew: