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The Politics of Everything

Aug 1, 2017

Anna Kellerman is Chief Mama and founder of Mama Creatives, a women’s community group that is based in Sydney but with a global vision. Four years after it started, Mama Creatives runs monthly masterclasses and special events designed specifically for women, many of whom are writers, designers, singers or creative entrepreneurs, as well as parents. Anna is passionate about the arts, kids, sharing and connecting and is an art educator and registered art therapist.


Over the past 10 years, she has worked with kids and teens with a range of emotional and behavioural problems and most recently worked with children from domestic violence backgrounds. We are delighted to get her on board to discuss The Politics of Creative Women.


In this podcast, Anna will explain:


  1. Why we are all born creative.
  2. Why becoming a new parent often means a loss in energy and time to be creative, and how to remedy that.
  3. How Mama Creatives started small but will go global.
  4. How we can tap into our own female creative energy to live a more truly satisfying life.


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