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The Politics of Everything

Jun 14, 2022

While many of my guests are talking from experience, and often professional prowess is at the heart of these podcasts. But not always – life is more than career or business and The Politics of Everything was never designed to be an entirely “business-minded podcast.”


Enter today’s guest whose new book How to get laid on Tinder – for Men caught my imagination right away!

To set the scene. Maureen Pound had not had a single date in 7 years.  She was busy running a business and raising two anonymous sperm donor children on her own. It was after a life-changing Thailand bike ride with 50 other entrepreneurs raising money for orphans that she decided to get back on that horse - and what an adventure. 


Over the six years that followed, she matched with thousands of men on Tinder, talked with over 500, and met close to a hundred.  She went on walks, played tennis, had coffee, dinner, drinks, and sneaky Rendez-Vous.  


She heard stories of frustration and annoyance from a lot of men and decided she wanted to help; to share ideas and strategies to help them meet great people. The idea for her book How To Get Laid on Tinder - For men, was born. She's passionate about supporting men and giving them tools to communicate well, both online and offline.   She is practical and fun and not afraid to be direct. This should be one heck of an episode! Perhaps not one for minors or anyone not keen to understand what goes in the Tinderverse!


In this episode hear from Maureen on:

  1. What is the best thing about Tinder dating, and then, the worst?
  2. What made you write a guide to Tinder dating for men. We are told that 30 million matches are registered every day on Tinder- what advice do you have for men on the App?
  3. We also know 76.9% of Tinder users in 2020 were male. So are men still the pursuers of the online dating world or what is your experience? Don’t women need help and a book too?
  4. What advice would you give anyone wanting to meet new people on Tinder or other Apps?
  5. Have you found love and connection on Tinder and if so, is that something Tinder does well?
  6. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Tinder?



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