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The Politics of Everything

Nov 15, 2022

Customer service is everything for most businesses that last the distance. Our customer loyalty to a brand or business leader can be shaped by our experiences every day and sometimes our feedback is heard, noted, and more importantly positively acted upon, and sometimes, well it is not and the results can mean the end of the road for that business if that is a recurrent theme. After all there is always another airline to fly, another makeup brand to use or another car we COULD buy.

My guest today is Winston Tu, the Founder and CEO of Luxo Living, Australia’s leading online boutique furniture store. A trailblazer in the e-commerce sector, Winston has been selling products online since 1999, before the arrival of Ebay in Australia. Winston was an early facilitator of ground-breaking customer-service tools including built-in shipping platforms, which saw Luxo Living save over $300,000 within the first year.

As he commemorates 21 years at the helm, Winston has grown Luxo Living into a leading online retailer that boasts an annual turnover of $22million. Luxo Living offers impeccably made, comfortable home styling pieces at an attractive price point.


The brand has used its customer complaints as avenues to pinpoint areas of growth, allowing it to compete against top brand names within the Australian market such as Amazon, and Temple & Webster.


We discuss:

  1. Customer feedback and customer service are interlinked – what is your view of each as a valuable way to manage your business (or essentially any business)?
  2. Is the customer always right?
  1. Customer complaints can offer ways to unravel pain points and make some decisions faster such as what stock to carry or delete and also how to do better for more customers. With online sales now such a mainstay for many products and services, is that harder or easier than ever?
  2. What systems are needed for excellent customer feedback to actually drive change?
  3. Take away: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Customer Feedback?






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