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The Politics of Everything

Sep 5, 2017

Steve Hui aka The Points Whisperer is a former corporate accountant who, after experiencing business class travel for the first time eight years ago, was totally hooked! In 2012, he founded iFLYflat after he recognised a gap in the market, and today is heralded among the start-up world as an innovator and authority on frequent flyer and credit card reward points.

Today, IFLYFLAT also helps companies large and small with strategies to collect more points just by using the right cards to pay bills. We find out this best kept secrets!  

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. What iFLYflat does and why Steve started the business.
  2. How much we can all fly business class more by using our credit cards to pay the bills.
  3. If the airlines or the credit card companies have objected to the way he has commodified maximising the return from reward points.
  4. Hot tips: The best was to get flying flat for less money in The Politics of Flyer Points?


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