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The Politics of Everything

Sep 19, 2017

Serial ‘tech-preneur’ Carrie Kwan has spent a decade in the world of creating online businesses. Her first start up was a pioneering lifestyle site called Daily Addict that began nine years ago, and in August 2016 she launched her second online business called Mums & Co.

Her latest venture aims to inspire women to realise success by creating what she hopes will be Australia’s most connected and empowered community of mums running a business. Carrie is a mum of two kids herself, and knows from experience what other working mums heading up their own businesses need most. Here she is to share her ideas on ‘The Politics of Online Business’.

In this podcast, Carrie will share:

  1. How has the online business landscape changed in the past 10 years including how to start a new digital business faster than ever.
  2. Why she launched Mums & Co when she was seven months pregnant her second son.
  3. The best hacks she has learnt for running two successful online businesses, especially when you are a parent.
  4. Hot tips: Her honest advice for anyone wanting to be successful in The Politics of Online Business.


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