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The Politics of Everything

Sep 26, 2017

For many of us the idea that one day we will have our own family is seen as a rite of passage. We also assume that in 2017 the wonders of technology, modern medicine and our own knowledge about health and wellbeing means women can fall pregnant and have babies later in life, in our 30s and even 40s.

While we know that this is not 100% true the world of IVF and other fertility treatments have become a booming industry. I am speaking with Tasha Jennings about The Politics of Fertility. Tasha leads a practice called that provides expert information, specifically focused on fertility, conception and the precious initial stages of pregnancy.

In this episode you shall learn:

  1. What are the biggest myths you have found around fertility
  2. What we all can learn about the risk factors for men and women in improving the chances of conception and a healthy baby?
  3. Whether she believes that Australia, which has no age limit on public subsidies for fertility treatment, and last year cost Medicare more than $250 million, is spending money where it should not.
  4. Last advice: What final advice she has on better outcomes in The Politics of Fertility?


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