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The Politics of Everything

Oct 10, 2017

Our obsession with real estate is almost like a national sport in Australia. Would you like to have a secret weapon? In Episode #23 I am delving into this very idea with Lauren Goudy, a Licenced Real Estate Agent who started her career a decade ago as a selling agent in Melbourne, the house auction capital of the world. Moving to Sydney in 2011 Lauren worked in sales initially before finally finding her true calling as a Real Estate Buyers Agent.

Today, Lauren educates and empowers her broad range of clients to make smart property decisions and secure quality real estate in the ultra-competitive Sydney market. She shares with us per personal views and expertise when it comes to ‘The Politics of Real Estate’.

In this podcast, Lauren gives us the low down on:

  1. What a buyer’s agent actually does for you.
  2. What are some of the most common real estate mistakes would-be buyer’s make?
  3. The role governments play in housing affordability crisis that has affected the biggest cities.
  4. Hot tips: The most sensible advice to really get ahead of the pack in The Politics of Real Estate.


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