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The Politics of Everything

Oct 17, 2017

They say that people fear public speaking more than almost anything, including dying. For episode #24, we hear from Lucy Perry, who among her many charms is a professional speaker who gets paid to take the stage at business events all over the globe.

Lucy is an award-winning leader, consultant, and author who has become known for her bright pink hair and ability to shock and inspire in equal doses. She uses her talents for writing and speaking about leadership, communication, changing the world and creative thinking. Learn how Lucy has succeeded in ‘The Politics of Speaking’.


In this podcast, Lucy will discuss:


  1. How can someone overcome their fear of public speaking?
  2. How has speaking helped her career and earn up to $50,000 per key note?
  3. How to triumph when things go wrong in the middle of a big speaking event? E.g. technical failures or last minute changes to the time allocated.
  4. Hot tip: The best ways to begin your own road to enjoy public speaking.


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