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The Politics of Everything

Oct 31, 2017

In episode #26 we are getting to know Jacqui Ma who is a UK-based trend forecaster and designer specialising in the world of accessories. She spent eight years as Director of Accessories at the world’s leading fashion trend forecasting company WGSN, before Jacqui started her own consultancy called Trendfields.

Consulting to brands as diverse as Amazon Fashion to advertising agency BMB, Jacqui’s works closely with brands to combine future consumer insights with tangible recommendations and final designs. She is also the founder of Goodordering, an East London bag company, a boutique cycling-meet-fashion accessories business she started from her kitchen table five years ago. Jacqui is going to get us all in the know on ‘The Politics of Trends’.


In this podcast you, Jacqui gives us insight on:

  1. How does a specific style or fashion trend get selected in the age of 24/7 social media and celebrity power.
  2. What does a trends consultant do on a daily basis and how has the market changed in recent times with the global rise of more fast fashion brands?
  3. How did her niche cycle bag company Goodordering start and alongside having her own consulting career?
  4. Hot tips: If you could close off by sharing your top insights for listeners of keen to understand how to get ahead in The Politics of Trends.


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