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The Politics of Everything

Nov 7, 2017

Dr. Michael Kimmel is a well-known authority on gender, men, and masculinities, even being named by The Guardian UK as “the world’s most prominent male feminist”. I saw him speak at TEDX Sydney in 2016 and was enthralled by his common touch, his wisdom and often heartbreaking yet relevant insights, backed by his impressive academic kudos.

Among his many books are Manhood in America, Angry White Me and a best seller Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. Today, we are sharing the microphone to unpack The Politics of Raising Men.


In this episode, Michael shall delve into:

  1. What are the most worrying issues for men?
  2. If Australia is any different when it comes to what defines masculinity today vs past generations.
  3. The challenges and opportunities of the single sex school system.
  4. Why embracing feminism still matters.
  5. Last tips: To raise great men what are the most pressing priorities we needs to really address in The Politics of Raising Men?


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