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The Politics of Everything

Nov 14, 2017

Who else wants to find their inner genius? My guest today in Episode #26 can help us. Yu Dan Shi works assisting professionals and entrepreneurs to find clarity in their life, so they can focus on what really matters.

Her approach has come from her own experience of being a successful business executive juggling the demands of raising a young family, and really not feeling that despite the way that it looked, she had it all. Yu Dan has tapped into an approach we can all benefit from as we explore The Politics of Inner Genius.

In this podcast you shall learn:

  1. What is Yu Dan’s Strength & Inner Genius approach to finding a new level of joy, meaning and success?
  2. Why our dream jobs are aligned with our authentic strengths without sacrificing a decent financial income. 
  3. How we can most easily discover our inner genius?
  4. Take out advice: What top three tips you have for listeners on The Politics of Inner Genius?

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