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The Politics of Everything

Nov 21, 2017

Today I am on conversation with Danielle Robertson, founder and CEO of DRC – Care Solutions which she launched in 2015 to fill in the gaps in the care sector and meet the numerous calls for assistance in navigating the services offered in the aged, disability and home care. 

Many families and people involved in the long-term care of ageing loved ones know too well that the pressure to make such big, emotional and costly decisions can prove to be a minefield.  Danielle is here to discuss The Politics of Aged Care.


In this podcast you will better understand:


  1. How to obtain the best quality of aged care at a reasonable price.
  2. New ways big and small companies can now help employees with their caring responsibilities.
  3. A vision of what aged care options will be like in the future.
  4. Last words: What are the best advice anyone wanting to navigate The Politics of Aged Care.

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