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The Politics of Everything

Nov 28, 2017

Diem Fuggersberger is the CEO and Co-founder of Berger Ingredients and the Creator of the Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen brand, providing readymade kids meals that caters for kids with allergies.

Her self-made success story from refugee without any possessions to a business powerhouse is pure inspiration – showcasing what Australia can do so well as a truly multi-cultural nation. Diem is here to unravel The Politics of Kids Food and much more.

In this podcast you will hear:

  1. What role did home cooking and food play for Diem’s family when you grew up?
  2. How Diem and her husband started their food ingredients empire in 2010 and why sourcing origin-based food really matters.
  3. Why her ‘foodie’ range Coco & Lucas’ is named after your nephew and daughter and why she founded this arm to her successful business?
  4. What are Diem’s grand business plans for Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen business?
  5. Last advice: How we can all succeed in The Politics of Kids Food?


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