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The Politics of Everything

Dec 5, 2017

Networking has mixed connotations for many of us – images of a frenzied business card swap fest in a room filled with new faces is hardly enticing for most people. However, networking can be fun, meaningful and life changing.

Just ask my guest today Fiona Craig, a former lawyer, and recruitment consultant turned business coach and the founder of Smart Women Connect – indeed an Australian networking for female business folks. I am keen to get her secrets on how to work the room with confidence as we discuss The Politics of Networking.

In this episode, Fiona shares:

  1. How her networking process has shifted since her first career job in 1990s.
  2. Despite the rise of social media as a major networking game changer, why it’s still important to invest in offline connecting to become a truly successful networker.
  3. How can you manage your nerves and also deal tactfully with tricky or awkward people in professional networking event.
  4. Last advice: What top three tips you have for listeners on The Politics of Networking?


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