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The Politics of Everything

Dec 19, 2017

If you had to choose the best social media platform for doing business, it would surely be LinkedIn. This interview is with Alex Pirouz, CEO of which Forbes magazine called Australia’s leading LinkedIn training company. The business has educated over 18,000 people in 30 countries across 55 industries.

He founded the business in early 2014 with the aim to change and transform social selling on LinkedIn, to help companies generate more leads, close more deals and stay relevant within their industry. Among its many successes so far, Linkfluencer was recently rated by Anthill Magazine as one of the top 100 most innovative companies and won the people's choice awards. Today we can learn more from Alex about The Politics of LinkedIn.

In this podcast, you will hear:

  1. How to get the most out of social selling, and why it is so different to other forms of traditional business development or B2B lead generation?
  2. What do most people get wrong about LinkedIn and how can we avoid this.
  3. His #1 goal for heading into 2018.
  4. Last advice: What is top three tips for anyone keen to get ahead in The Politics of LinkedIn.


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