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The Politics of Everything

Jan 9, 2018

Getting fit and staying fit is high on the agenda for many people the world over. However, often sickness, work and family responsibilities get in the way of our regular exercise program. 

My guest today is Lizzy Williamson, a former dancer turned social media sensation and author of her first book called ‘Two Minute Moves’ which smashes the myth we don’t have time to get fit. She has a backstory that will motivate and inspire you too.

In this episode, Lizzy explains:

  1. How her serious bouts of post-natal depression with both daughters become a lifeline to what mattered most, including the role of fitness.
  2. Why being an ambassador for PANDA, Peri-natal Anxiety & Depression Australia now has allowed her to know the best ways to support women in this common situation?
  3. How can we all do more for our fitness, even when we are compressed for time?
  4. Last advice: What top three tips can you wrap up in how we can all triumph in The Politics of Fitness?

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