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The Politics of Everything

Jan 30, 2018

Who doesn’t love the feeling of walking into a beautifully designed house, hotel or workspace? Interiors can ignite feelings, create memories and even affect how productive we are on an everyday basis. 

Today I am interviewing Emma Blomfield, an accomplished stylist and author who has creatively reframed how we view Interior Design. She has taken her sharp design knowledge to the masses with pragmatic, innovative solutions to living in style, no matter your budget or lifestyle. She has published a book Home’ and runs an online business called The Decorating School, aimed at novice stylists and new business owners alike. I almost wish this podcast had a video component as we unpack The Politics of Interiors here with Emma.


In this episode, you will hear:

  1. How important are qualifications to becoming a successful interior designer.
  2. The theories behind The Decorating School, and how her business partner and have taught thousands of non-designers the world of interiors through e-courses.
  3. What are the hard and fast rules when it comes to small vs large spaces.
  4. How to make your office or home on-trend but not a slave to trends when it comes to stylish, functional interiors.


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