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The Politics of Everything

Feb 6, 2018


Start-Ups are everywhere in the current business landscape, but how many of them are profitable, sustainable or even around five years after they launch? Some of the more conservative statistics say that over 50% will fail.

Sue-Ellen Watts or Sel as she is known by many –is a successful business leader, entrepreneur and a real start-up champion. Her first business wattsnext has been from start-up to grown up phase and her latest venture Scrappi was founded in Silicon Valley in September 2016 while on an Innovation Gathering with 12 other Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Executives. An avid traveller, Sel has a global perspective on the world of start-ups, with an educated view why some succeed and many don’t. Sue-Ellen is more than qualified to get real about The Politics of Start-Ups.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why start-ups should avoid racing into raising capital.
  2. Why her reverse incubator Scrappi is solely focused on solving global problems by fostering talented ‘intrapranerus’.
  3. How to not be a start-up failure given that so many businesses with greatest ideas are not always the ones that are successful.
  4. Last take-away: Her tried and true perspective for anyone keen to find success in The Politics of Start-Ups?


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