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The Politics of Everything

Mar 6, 2018

Microsoft founder Bill Gates famously said if he was down to his last dollar he would spend it on Public Relations. Other than journalism, public relations (PR) has formed the most significant part of my career over the last two decades. Meet Samantha Dybac, founder of The PR Hub, a public relations and talent management agency for entrepreneurs and business leaders wanting to raise their profile in the media and be recognized as experts in their field. I talk shop with Samantha as we delve into ‘The Politics of Public Relations.’

In this episode you will hear:

  1. How did Samantha break into PR in her 30s, after an early career in sales and marketing?
  2. Does creating a solid personal brand work equally for entrepreneur’s as well larger companies alike?
  3. What are the biggest trends for PR in the near future?
  4. Take away: What is your biggest advice for anyone embracing The Politics of Public Relations?


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