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The Politics of Everything

Mar 20, 2018

Everywhere we turn these days there is a new fad around ‘cleaner’ eating or secrets to living a healthier existence. My guest today is Alexx Stuart, a speaker, writer, podcaster and lox tox living expert – she is also soon to add author to that list of tags.

Passionate about her purpose, Alexx has grown her business organically, no pun intended, but with a clear mission to educate, inspire and share devoid of the usual preaching we often hear from those in the health and wellbeing arena. She has recipes, e-courses and much more to help us all on the road to a life free of harm or hype.

I the podcast you will learn:

  1. What was Alexx’s catalyst to become more interested in the impacts of toxins and the impacts on humans?
  2. What is her greater goal in sharing these new findings, healthy recipes, and personal experiences?
  3. Coming from a customer experience training background how have you created a community and monetised that (and her tips for others wanting to take a passion and make it their living too)?
  4. FINALLY: What is your top three easiest tips for anyone embracing The Politics of Low Tox Living?

Alexx's book is now available for pre-ordering on BooktopiaBook Depository and Amazon.

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