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The Politics of Everything

Mar 27, 2018

Gender is something that defines us from the very second we are conceived. The doctors declare us a boy or a girl once we enter this world and for most people it remains that way from birth to death. It also creates a lifetime of complexity, in how we are spoken to, what perceived societal value we have, how much money we are likely to earn and even whether we can get an education.

This podcast explores ‘The politics of Gender’ and my guest is a woman called Bec Brideson, who for over two decades has been a pioneer and innovator in the ‘marketing-to-women’ space. She helps other business owners and executives get a piece of the $28 trillion global, female consumer market. Having spoken at numerous conferences throughout the world, Bec’s raison d’être is to improve the way modern business connects with the disruptive force of the female dollar. 

In this podcast you will hear:

  1. Why equality and gender is an economic matter as much as a societal one.
  2. How Bec created a successful new business from the glaring gap in traditional attitudes towards the female market.
  3. How can the so-called female dollar leverage impacts a company’s bottom line?
  4. With the past year being focused on a range of serious female-centric issues, in reaction perhaps to the rise of Trump-ism and backlashes see in the #metoo campaign, what lasting affect can this have long term on equality for women in all walks of life?

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