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The Politics of Everything

Apr 3, 2018

If there ever was a topic that could equally excite, distress, motivate and polarize it would this one – MONEY. My guest is Melissa Browne is a woman who has devoted her entire career to the financial world – namely as an accountant, then expanding to invest in other enterprises like a new preschool and her latest venture The Money Barre. 

She is a well-known author for several memorably titled books such as ‘Fabulous but Broke’ and her latest which (close your ears kids) is called ‘Unf*ck your finances’. As a seasoned speaker and media columnist, Melissa calls it like she sees it when it comes to how we relate to money so it’s no surprise she was the first person I thought to get on the podcast to discuss ‘The Politics of Money.’

In this show you can learn:

  1. How can we get better at the idea of financial literacy?
  2. How do you know if you are being sold products and plans you don’t need or can’t afford?
  3. What rules around money do you think we can adopt to enjoy a better retirement – whatever that means for you - but also not feel like we are missing out on life?
  4. Last advice: What is your biggest advice for anyone to win in The Politics of Money?


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