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The Politics of Everything

Apr 17, 2018

Being authentic is what we all need to do more of, according to my guests Joanne Schonheim, who prefers to be anything other than average and always strives to achieve her version of success on her own terms. Growing up in family businesses spanning three generations, Jo preferred sitting in on Board room conversations to sitting outside playing with dolls.  By 25, Jo had lived on three continents, circumnavigated a mid-life crisis, started her own award-winning business and married her best friend.

Her talent and passion for business and product has led her to work for and with some of Australia's biggest retailers in Buying, National Account and Sales Manager roles. Here today, Jo will decipher The Politics of Authenticity.

In this episode you will hear:

  1. How to define the authentic self or authenticity in its purest form?
  2. Referring to a well-known TED talk ‘The Power of Authenticity by Mike Robbins at TEDxGreenbrookSchool’ the speaker and author shares the idea that we need to be ourselves because anyone else is taken. What impact does that simple but truthful idea have?
  3. What are the consequences for not being authentic?
  4. What about the risks as being seen as obnoxious or self-righteous?
  5. FINALLY: What is your top three take away tips for anyone embracing The Politics of Authenticity?

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