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The Politics of Everything

May 15, 2018

I can still recall my Year 10 Economics teacher teaching me that specialisation is the key to workforce efficiencies. Today I am in conversation with Robert Tadros, who got his first job at aged 14 in a fast food outlet and has never stopped working since. He has most recently founded Melbourne-based digital marketing agency Impress!ve Digital two years ago.

It is now a thriving company, with annual turnover forecast at $3.5 million (which Robert attributes to specialisation) and a team of talented employees, and scores of clients including Misha Collection, digiDIRECT, and XBlades. I welcome Robert to dig deep as we discuss The Politics of Specialisation.

In this podcast you can hear:

  1. How specialisation transformed Robert’s latest business and led to greater success.
  2. What he learned in a prior corporate job where he was responsible for managing a $10 million portfolio of the company's top clients,
  3. What do you think most businesses get wrong when it comes to growing successfully and remaining true to their point of difference?
  4. A prime example of a time when you his specialisation skills have needed to be fine-tuned even more and what we can learn from this in our own careers.

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