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The Politics of Everything

Jun 5, 2018

Every day we have a range of experiences with the external world. What makes some of them memorable for all the right reasons and some not?

Dr Emily Verstege has 15 years of experience within the health and human services sector; she is an expert at capturing and integrating consumer voice into strategy and governance frameworks. She is a speaker, mentor, author and a customer experience futurist. Here she unpacks The Politics of Experience.

In this podcast you shall learn:

  1. How she has refined her ability to connect information and people – and why it matters.
  2. Practically speaking, what results does her area of work create for us, as customers and stakeholders?
  3. What most companies do wrong when it comes to customer engagement, retention and action.
  4. How has the digital world enhanced or detracted from the overall customer experiences.

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