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The Politics of Everything

Jul 24, 2018

Politics makes for heated debates and sometimes is the value-driven glue that binds us together. My guest today Angela Vithoulkas has a solid history as a small business advocate, commentator and advisor. Then Angela she decided to become a politician, elected as an independent Councillor for the City of Sydney in 2012, where she was subsequently appointed as Deputy Chairperson of the City of Sydney Economic Development and Business Sub-committee throughout that term.  

In 2016 Angela formed the Sydney Matters Independent team and successfully secured a second term on Council.   As well as her civic duties, she also established a small business podcasting platform, Eagle Waves Radio and co-owns a Sydney café. Last year, Angela was named as one of Australia’s top nine influential female entrepreneurs. Now, she has also started her own political party The Small Business Party. Angela is here to discuss The Politics of Campaigning.

In this episode, Angela shares:

  1. As a Councillor for the City of Sydney for the past six years, what have you discovered about the realities
  2. Do men and women campaign differently, are women perhaps judged harder and why or why not does that matter in 2018?
  3. As founder of a new state political party, The Small Business Party, what platform will you be campaigning on?
  4. Last advice: What are your top three tips for anyone wanting to succeed in The Politics of Campaigning?


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