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The Politics of Everything

Aug 7, 2018

Living and working abroad is a massive right of passage for many Australians and others seeking a cultural adventure and career shift. A regular speaker and writer, Margot Anderson is the founder of Insync Network Group, a rapidly expanding network that supports returning expats and their spouses to purposefully reconnect and confidently manage their journey ‘home’. She also runs talentinsight Australia, a management consultancy specialising in the optimisation of careers, performance and business workforce planning.

Margot’s consulting experience spans a broad range of industry including retail, FMCG, energy, resources and professional services in both private and commercial structures. She works with CEO’s, executive and senior leadership teams to ensure they have the right people in the right place at the right time.  Here Margot explains The Politics of Expat Life.

You will hear:

  1. Why do people want to uproot their lives and careers, and families, to work as experts aboard?
  2. The challenges of expat life are rarely talked about beyond the inner circle.
  3. Do many not ever not adjust to life at ‘home’ and relocate again – how common is that?
  4. Can anyone be an expat or does it take a certain mindset to succeed?
  5. Best tips for The Politics of Expat Life?

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