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The Politics of Everything

Aug 14, 2018


If it wasn’t for Anthony Rigogliosi, there may well be no podcast career for me. Anthony is otherwise known as Podcast Ninja, his company’s name and his podcast name – he is the man behind the production of my weekly podcast The Politics of Everything. He edits the audio and does the technical support to ensure the program goes online every Wednesday without fail, and has advised me of the basics when I was a newbie podcaster who literally knew nothing on the process.

Anthony does podcast production providing an all in one podcasting solution for podcasters whether they be doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, and companies of all kind. Before he started podcasting in 2016 he quit his retail job and travelled to multiple countries on his bicycle. Long story short, after spending all but $300 of his savings he found a job as a podcasting intern in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Based now in New York, I found Anthony through a gig economy web site back in April 2017 and the rest in podcast history. With so much behind the scenes work and his vast knowledge of the podcasting world, I thought it time to get him onto my podcast. Welcome, Anthony who is obviously discussing ‘The Politics of Podcasting’.

In this show you can hear:

  1. Why has podcasting become as popular as a medium?
  2. How can podcasters get audience cut-through and attracted more subscribers organically?
  3. Does every podcast have an expiry date, and how can podcasters keep audiences engaged once the show is established but maybe not a shiny, new program?
  4. What are the most common mistakes do you see with podcasting and how can we avoid that?
  5. Take away: What is your top 3 short tips anyone keen to win in The Politics of Podcasting


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