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The Politics of Everything

Aug 28, 2018

Vitality is a wondrous word isn’t it? To me, it means a sense of energy, mixed with purpose and wellbeing, and an extra dash of zing. Nikki Fogden-Moore is a world class business and lifestyle coach who lives and breathes vitality.

Her other moniker is The Mojo Maker. Nikki is a public speaker, author, facilitator and leader in her field. Nikki's genius is in working with the real leaders in life - the CEO's, and all of those at the top end of town that possess vision, drive, tenacity and true passion for what they do. Her take on success is often about big shifts in our comfort level, to get even greater results. Here Nikki gets real on The Politics of Vitality.

Hear from Nikki:

  1. What is her definition of vitality?
  2. Why is planning the key and how do you help clients get that sense of balance and “winning” right?
  3. What has changed about our work/life blend and has that impacted vitality?
  4. What is the biggest challenge most entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders face in prioritising vitality and how do you track their progress to ensure it’s a real shift for good?
  5. Last advice: What best tip for getting some runs on the board in The Politics of Vitality?


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