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The Politics of Everything

Sep 4, 2018

Confidence is a hard thing to maintain, especially up against the sterilised ‘success stories’ and filtered images on social media. I am interviewing Tracey Jewel, who is a mother, author, professional speaker, and award winning businesswoman in the marketing and communications world. She is also an Australian reality TV star, having taken part in the series Married at First Sight, a show which surely demands you muster up mountains of confidence!

Tracey is a survivor of both a health scare and domestic violence: today she is an ambassador for “Kiss Violence against Women Goodbye”. Despite some hardships, Tracey is extremely passionate about being a positive role model for women. She discusses The Politics of Confidence.

In this episode, you will hear from Tracey:

  1. What role has confidence played in her becoming an author, where your ideas are exposed for all to scrutinise?
  2. As a tech savvy, marketing queen with 130,000 Instagram followers and 175,000 readers of your media articles, how do you personally deal with the trolls and hater online?
  3. What did reality TV teach you about confidence, inside and out? Is your external appearance still a key part of feeling confident for you?
  4. What makes you feel confident no matter what these days?
  5. Last advice: What best tip for mastering The Politics of Confidence.


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