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The Politics of Everything

Sep 11, 2018

Everyone loves a business hack right? Madeleine Lambert heads up Content Refined, a medium-sized Content Marketing business based in Canada, which is under two years old. They are growing quickly in their focus on cutting-edge online content for affiliate marketers, e-commerce businesses, and SaaS companies. In the process, Madeleine has implemented a “team pod” strategy to streamline and create efficiency and accountability. We dive into The Politics of Team Pods.


In this episode you can hear:

  1. Team pods – what are they and how did you learn about this strategy for your business?
  2. How did you get your staff to embrace the team pod idea and what are the benefits and challenges so far – can you explain and give an example?
  3. As a rapidly scaling business, why is this way of working ideal?
  4. Can you keep adding team pods or is it best suited for small or medium-sized business vs larger companies – why?
  5. Last advice: What is your biggest advice on The Politics of Team Pods?

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