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The Politics of Everything

Sep 18, 2018

Today’s guest Taryn Williams is one of Australia’s most prolific entrepreneurs in the tech start-up and media industry.

Taryn is the CEO and Founder of The Right Fit and WINK Models. With over fifteen years of experience in the world of modelling, media and advertising, Taryn is an industry game changer and someone who has pushed the disrupt button even on her own business.

TheRight.Fit is Taryn’s online influencer and talent platform used by major advertising agencies and brands to find the best and brightest talent for their jobs. Brands using the platform include Toyota, Menulog, and LG. While Taryn continues to oversee the WINK operation, her focus is firmly set on building The Right Fit into a global platform that will transform the creative industry and the talent that work within it. I am delighted to enlighten myself and you all in ‘The Politics of Influencers.’

Hear from Taryn on:

  1. How you define an influencer and can anybody with a specialist expertise become one or do you need be a Kardashian.
  2. Why she started therightfit and how that has evolved.
  3. How she got the best tech/business skills to be a success.
  4. Where is influencers industry heading in the next few years and how will the rightfit evolve to stay ahead of the pack.
  5. Take away: What is her best tip for anyone embracing The Politics of Influencers?


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