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The Politics of Everything

Oct 2, 2018

Cyber risk is a critical concept that many in the business and government worlds have to deal with on a regular basis, especially in a hyper-connected online world that covers everything from banking to medical records . Claire Pales is the bestselling author of “The Secure CIO” and Director of 27 Lanterns, a consulting company committed to helping organisations create and sustain effective information and cyber security teams. For more than 15 years, Claire gained experience establishing teams and leading award-winning security strategies throughout Australia and Asia.  Here she is explaining more about The Politics of Cyber Risk.


 In this podcast you can learn:

  1. How can businesses become more cyber secure when the hackers keep getting faster and more invasive it seems?
  2. What has been some of the biggest challenges you have experienced over the years in your sector?
  3. A rising cyber risk problem that many businesses encounter in the current business climate is that it is not just theircyber security practices that they have to worry about: they also have to worry about the cyber security protocols of other businesses they work with. How can that best be managed?
  4. Hacking into elections became global news in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election. Why has that become such an attractive option for international forces, and how can we prevent it?

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