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The Politics of Everything

Mar 23, 2021

Today I am in conversation with Michael Buckland, the new CEO of the McKell Institute, Australia’s leading think tank in areas of housing affordability, taxation, wage theft, wage growth, superannuation, childcare, and more.  The McKell Institute works with all major political parties to pursue pragmatistic progressive solutions to our most pressing policy challenges.

Michael joined the Institute from Australia’s largest philanthropic fund, the Paul Ramsay Foundation, where he led policy programs and public affairs to help achieve their mission to break cycles of disadvantage in Australia.  His passion while working for the Foundation was seeking ways to disrupt the stubborn cycle of disadvantage caused by our criminal justice system.

Michael’s earliest political memory was of students wearing protest shirts to Balmain Primary School during the waterfront dispute. Watching people suffer for a cause, and for others, shaped the way he views policy challenges.

Michael went on to serve as Chief of Staff and Policy Director to NSW Opposition Leaders, giving him extensive experience at the highest levels in policy development and government. His diverse background includes work for derivatives trading firm, First Prudential Markets, trade unions, and advocacy campaigns.

In this show, Michael unpacks:

  1. How does one prepare for a career in policy advising and policymaking?
  2. What makes a good policymaker?
  3. In your experience is there a fail-proof or best practice way to get a policy accepted or mandated?
  4. Why does seemingly good policy sometimes fail?
  5. Take away: What is your overarching message for anyone facing The Politics of Policymaking

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