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The Politics of Everything

Apr 20, 2021

Alice Almeida is the Founder of Almeida Insights, a full-service research agency, and the Regional Head of Data, Research, and Insights for TotallyAwesome, APAC's leading Kids Digital platform which prides itself on providing safe environments for kids to be entertained. She is also on the Maxme advisory board.

Alice's career has spanned over 20 years where she has held senior data and research positions for some of Australia's largest media brands; Channel Nine, Seven, News Corp, and Fairfax. She launched her own research company (2 weeks prior to COVID hitting!) to tackle the topics that many shied away from. In particular, delving into Social Media Data Privacy and what the average Australian actually thinks and knows about it. She is not one to back away from a challenge and because of this, is constantly called on for her opinion on industry issues.

Throughout her career, she has held representative positions on industry councils, launched market first research pieces, and been called on to provide evidence and insights at the senate inquiry into Public Interest Journalism. She is well known on the conference circuit having spoken at over 65 local and international - all-around data.

In her current role at TotallyAwesome, Alice is responsible for building out insights and thought leadership pieces on how brands can safely and respectfully advertise to children and parents. As a mum herself, Alice feels protecting children's online data is a non-negotiable!

Alice will discuss in this podcast:

  1. Data is everywhere for businesses. How has it’s use and importance changed over the past 5-10 years?
  2. What is the best way to gather data fast and how does a company make the most of it?
  3. Facebook and other social media have so much personal data on us all. Privacy settings aside can we actually protect our data and remain on these social media platforms?
  4. At News Corp you had a role to play in media and data – are audiences for mainstream news outlets very nuanced and why/why not?
  5. What is the most valid argument to have data used for the greater good? Thinking of the COVID-19 related NSW Health check-in for contract tracing if there was an outbreak.
  6. Take away: What is your overarching message for anyone facing The Politics of Data?

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