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The Politics of Everything

Apr 27, 2021

Life-changing innovators and true entrepreneurs are rare in my experience. Today’s guest is an exception. Meet Kristy Chong, the CEO, and Founder of Modibodi and Modibodi RED, a revolutionary women’s high-tech apparel brand that empowers women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to live a better life. There is even a men’s underwear line now too.

With a career background in PR and corporate social responsibility, today Kristy is a mum of four on a mission, fash-tech entrepreneur, and social advocate for women’s health issues and rights. In 2019, Modibodi was announced as both the Telstra Australian Medium and Making Waves Award winner and Telstra People’s Choice Award Winner.

Fashtech is a world that is fascinating and part of our society, so I am keen to chat with Kristy on this very topic.

In this show, you will hear:

  1. How did a corporate PR career prepare you for ModiBodi?
  2. The term FashTech is not one everyone has perhaps come across or understands. What is it really about and what problem does it solve?
  3. How did you expand ModiBodi and where is the business at today?
  4. How has your role in ModiBodi changed since you had external investors and how will it change in the next few years?
  5. Take away: What is your final insight into The Politics of Fashtech?

To connect with Kristy: