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The Politics of Everything

Jun 1, 2021

Energy has become one of the biggest political, moral, economic, and social issues our time – on par with its cousin climate change.

Sally Torgoman is an Australian lawyer and commercial advisor specializing in renewable energy transactions and development projects. Sally is a qualified electrical engineer and lawyer and she was admitted to the NSW Supreme Court in 2015 after 10 years of practicing as an engineer.

Sally has worked at leading law firms as well as in-house including at Origin Energy, Energy Australia, BlueScope Steel.

Today Sally Torgoman is Managing Director at PwC Australia, Energy M&A Practice, Australia’s leading energy advisor on solar, wind, pumped hydro, and more recently hydrogen. Prior to joining PwC Australia, she was Global General Counsel of EEW Limited, a renewable energy developer and operator. She supported projects and activities in Russia, Europe, Australia, South America, and MENA.

At one point in her career, she joined Better Place, the electric vehicle start-up, at its time, it was the third-highest ranked start-up after Facebook and Twitter. She learned a great deal about starting an ideology in a new business, and that a powerful idea can transform nations.

Sally believes Australia has some of the best clean energy transition experts, and she wants them to be heard in shaping a cleaner economy.

Hear from Sally on:

  1. What role does ‘clean energy’ play and how will that change over the next decade or two in a decarbonizing world?
  2. Why Australia has a major role in hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to conventional energy production and storage.
  3. How can governments and businesses make decisive, energy policy changes faster?
  4. Beyond solar, wind, hydrogen, and other areas what are some untapped ideas on energy that could become big in the future?
  5. Electric vehicles have become more popular and are becoming more affordable. Are they likely to replace fuel cars any time soon? Why or why not.
  6. Take away: What your final takeaway message on The Politics of Energy?

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