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The Politics of Everything

Jun 15, 2021

I have been watching Amanda Rose’s star rise for a number of years and she is definitely an ambitious woman who gets lots of stuff done fast.

Amanda wears a number of impressive hats including being the Founder of Small Business Women Australia, Publisher of Business Woman Media and Founding Director of Western Sydney Women, Western Sydney Executive Women & Managing Partner of Western Sydney Advisory.

As one of the most influential people on LinkedIn, Amanda Rose (#BossLady) is quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by and contributes regularly to ABC The Drum and has a weekly #BossLady Careers Column in the Daily Telegraph.

A passionate keynote speaker, Amanda Rose has worked with organizations such as The Australian Defence Force, CPA Australia, Law Institute, UBER, ANZ, and Western Sydney University on the areas of confident leadership, conflict resolution & relationship building via connection.

Amanda has a degree in Business majoring in Marketing & Psychology from Macquarie University, a Masters of Communications Management from UTS & Post Graduate qualification in Educational Leadership from Macquarie University. She is the non-executive director at Excelsia College and on the NSW Government’s Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity.

If the word ambition had a moniker surely Amanda Rose would be it. Welcome to the podcast, Amanda.

Hear from Amanda on:

  1. How she relates to the idea of being ambitious and why for many it so hard to say out loud?
  2. Describe how your ambition has changed over your career and business journey?
  3. Do you have a view on setting quotas for women to hold senior board roles or corporate positions as well as in public office?
  4. Career and business ambition are important but what about other life ambitions? Like fitness goals or even hobbies – how do you view that in your own life?
  5. Takeaway: How would you sum up The Politics of Ambition?

More on Amanda can be found here: