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The Politics of Everything

Jun 13, 2017

Emma Franklin Bell is an author, artist, entrepreneur and fellow podcaster who co-hosts The Ladies Lounge Podcast. Emma spent two decades in the performing arts industry before opening her own dance studios, mentoring studio owners in business strategy and writing a book How to Run a Preschool Dance Studio.


Fast forward to today, Emma is the founder of The Beautiful Business Academy. The BBA has a focus on developing female creative leaders through programs that focus on training women in book writing, course creation and media and performance skills training. Emma is our guest to get real about The Politics of Business Creativity.


In this podcast, Emma will cover off:

  1. Why is creativity so valuable in the path to business glory?
  2. How a performing arts career has helped her overcome setbacks and rapidly achieve new forms of success.
  3. Why everyone needs to simplify, beautify and amplify and how to do this in 90 day blocks.
  4. Hot tips: The best ways to get ahead in The Politics of Business Creativity.


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