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The Politics of Everything

Aug 29, 2017

For episode #17 I am in conversation with Dr. Kathryn Choules, a qualified instructor of mindfulness whose business Mind and Movement offers mindfulness training, workshops, programs and retreats to the individuals and organisations alike. Kathryn had a prior career as a lawyer, so she is no stranger to high-pressure workplaces.

She also has worked in international development, then as an academic and researcher in universities and in the community sector. A dedicated meditator for over 20 years she brings a reflective approach to the introduction of mindfulness in the 21st century. I am fascinated to have her help to unpack The Politics of Mindfulness.

In this podcast, Kathryn will explain:

  1. What mindfulness can achieve for people?
  2. If mindfulness safe and suitable for everyone?
  3. How do you help teach mindfulness for long term benefits such as clearer thinking, more happiness, and less anxiety?
  4. Hot Tips: The top three ways that listeners can get to grips with The Politics of Mindfulness.

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