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The Politics of Everything

Oct 24, 2017

Get ready to laugh, cringe and be challenged in this podcast unravelling The Politics of Humour. I am chatting to Marty Wilson, a former Australian Comic of the Year whose multifaceted career has stretched him to become a TED Speaker, best-selling author, awarded copywriter, media commentator and popular business speaker and in-demand MC. His core message is on using humour to build resilience with his programs instantly relatable for different audiences.

Listen and learn from Marty on:


  1. What key ingredients makes stand-up comedy work well, and where do most people go wrong?
  2. Why is science vital to making us laugh?
  3. How resilience is linked to comedy and what this actually teaches an audience.
  4. Last advice: What top three tips he has to help us master The Politics of Humour?


To find out more about Marty, please go forth here:

To watch his TED talk "Take Funny Seriously”:


The papers he references on resilience are below:


Reappraise threats and reduce stress (Abel 2002)

Increase personal resilience (Kuiper 2012)

Facilitate psychological well-being (Lefcourt 2001)

Achieve Greater Positive Affect (Cann & Collette 2014)


The research papers he references on leadership and business are below:


Humour enhances perceived leadership skills (Cann 2009)

Humour builds credibility (Cann, 2014)

Humour increases profit (Lynch 2009)

Humour increases persuasion (Kerr, 2014)

Humour increases long-term memory retention (Wanzer, 2010)


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