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The Politics of Everything

May 29, 2017

Here we are in episode #4 of The Politics of Everything. Today, I am going to unpack The Politics of Branding with the help of a business woman who knows all about that. Debbie O’Connor is the founder of White River Design, an awarded graphic design practice based in Western Sydney.


She is a brand strategist but I know her as a truly creative soul who is driven and inspiring. She designed our podcast logo! Her other project is a co-working space The Creative Fringe that showcases what Debbie’s vision and deep understanding of branding can mean, even in bricks and mortar.


In this podcast, Debbie will answer:

  1. Why successful branding is far more than just a logo.
  2. Step needs to achieve cut-through digital branding.
  3. How to craft a personal brand that lasts the distance.
  4. Hot tips: Best ways to be a winner in The Politics of Branding.


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