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The Politics of Everything

Jul 10, 2018

My guest today Alex Allwood heads up All Work Together, a specialised consultancy connecting customer and culture to empower “customer-centric growth”. Working with a range of businesses, Alex helps improve experiences that enhance customer value and distinctively differentiate.

With a 20 year track record in leadership, operations and marketing, Alex’s strength is developing customer experience strategy such as customer understanding and empathy, experience vision and guiding principles and the customer narrative to enable collaboration and alignment. She has authored the book Customer Experience is the Brand, regularly facilitates Customer Journey Mapping workshops and is a speaker on customer-centric transformation. Here we discuss The Politics of Customers.

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. What is customer experience really all about and why does it matter?
  2. Has the customer-centric world evolved over the years you have been working in the space and if so, what are the biggest changes to the way businesses and customers interact?
  3. On a practical level, how do you shape customer experiences?
  4. Customers are very savvy these days so what do they expect from brands or companies they do business with?
  5. Last advice: What top three tips to succeed in The Politics of Customers?

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