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The Politics of Everything

Mar 2, 2021

Boards are not like our work settings and take a special skill set. If you have ever pondered what makes a successful board career, you are in the right podcast.

Julie Garland McLellan built a board career from one not-for-profit to a portfolio including chairing an ASX listed company. A frequent conference speaker, Julie has featured widely in media such as ABC News’ Nightly Business Report, The Business, The Australian Financial Review, The Financial Times, Company Director Journal, Keeping Good Companies, and others.

She has 23 years’ experience delivering education for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), Governance Institute of Australia, College of Laws, University of Sydney, CPA Australia, Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, Oman Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability, etc.

Julie continues to research and study and recently completed a course at Wharton Business School. She is the author of six books.

We are here discussing The Politics of Boards.

Listen on to hear from Julie on:

  1. What makes a perfect board?
  2. How can you start a board career?
  3. How can a Board Chair operate at their best and ensure a diverse board sings from the same songbook?
  4. Best advice on how to get heard, especially when you are the dissenting voice in the board discussion?
  5. Take away: What is your best tip to manage The Politics of Boards? (one tip or sentence please).

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